Wine chemistry is the central link between enology and sommellerie. It efficiently and scientifically explains why and how classical and emerging enological processes, which have a great impact on wine quality, are done. Furthermore, wine chemistry is providing new insights into the understanding of the complex interactions behind the visual, olfactory and taste perceptions, and mouth-feel sensations.

In a clear and comprehensible language, Science et Vin is proposing an innovative approach with it unique thematic education and consulting services tailored to the specific needs of wine professionals (sommeliers, wine advisors, wine import agents, winemakers, enologists, wine journalists and bloggers) who wish to add a scientific component to their expertise, to let them understand, and not only describe, the various perceptions and sensations noticed during tasting activities. Initiation workshops to wine chemistry, aiming at better explaining the organoleptic properties of wines, their evolution over time and their pairing with food, are dedicated to wine lovers.